Freedom in Surrendering Accurate Accusations – Lite (15 -17 min)

Do people judge each other because of unforgiveness, ignorance, lovelessness, or entitlement? Are there several causes? Hmmm. I admit I have difficulty wanting to sit in a church where the preaching includes the world’s encroaching philosophies (undetected or at least embraced by its leadership). The intention of this blog is to help those who (1)Continue reading “Freedom in Surrendering Accurate Accusations – Lite (15 -17 min)”

Dress Code in Effect – Lite (22 min)

Why do we feel that everything is negotiable? When invited to a wedding, is the invited permitted to determine the date, time, venue, and nuptial garments? Certainly, those invited have a choice to determine whether they will attend, they make preparations to journey to the ceremonial site, and they make the effort to get there.  ButContinue reading “Dress Code in Effect – Lite (22 min)”

The Plumbline – Lite (15 min)

As of the posting of this piece, the Merriam-Webster dictionary states that relativism is a view that ethical truths depend on the individuals and groups holding them. Please note the distinction made by including the word ‘ethical’ to delineate the type of truth.  Audio version of the full-length blog/podcast (27 min). Definitions have changed based on cultural acceptance of a stated meaningContinue reading “The Plumbline – Lite (15 min)”

His Way Is Truth and Humbles Me – Lite (29 min)

Many people have heard the statement, “God doesn’t want religion, He wants a relationship”.  Some doubt it is feasible to have companionship with “the” transcendent and invisible life-giving Spirit; and, seriously question or doubt those who claim to hear from God. Others do not strike it from the realm of possible, but have no desire toContinue reading “His Way Is Truth and Humbles Me – Lite (29 min)”

One War: The Armour – Lite (20 min)

What are the Weapons of the Believer’s Warfare? God has given every believer tools for the battles they face, and the believer has a “duty” to suit up. Suiting up means that the armour is personally yours and fits you today. Remember, God will not place you in a battle you cannot win (1st Corinthians 10:13).Continue reading “One War: The Armour – Lite (20 min)”

One War: Two Kingdoms, Two Women – Lite (15 min)

Spiritual warfare comes to every believer regardless of how we react; it is unavoidable. With believers dedicating so much effort to walking in love and living quiet, peaceable lives, some might wonder why battles find them. It seems to me that as long as we are living in this body, battles will come looking for usContinue reading “One War: Two Kingdoms, Two Women – Lite (15 min)”

Out of the World! – Lite (20 Min)

Have you ever met a know-it-all? Interestingly enough, usually, this sort does not know that they do not know. Unfortunately, during my youth, I did whatever pleased me. Although the LORD surrounded me with people who tried to warn me of the world’s dangers, I remember thinking its traps could not catch me because IContinue reading “Out of the World! – Lite (20 Min)”

BUT GOD! – Lite (20 -25 min)

In this “time of shaking”, values, health, economies, and environments are undergoing intense upset, and many people are revaluating their beliefs. It is critical to spiritual health to have confidence in something that is not subject to the manipulation of imperfect human beings. The great I AM, the beginning and end of all things, isContinue reading “BUT GOD! – Lite (20 -25 min)”