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As believers in the LORD, Jesus Christ, we are to “Dare to Bear the Choicest Fruit”. Podcasts are narrations of select Blogs from DesiringFruitfulness.ca which are produced using software to automate the process for efficiency purposes. The narration is not the voice of Onebranch.

Content is created from a personal study in the Word of God and can be considered an online journal in the life of one of the branches being sanctified in the LORD’s fruitful vineyard. The content intentionally challenges us to venture to deeper depths in Christian faith and adoration of our Saviour. Readers/listeners are encouraged to validate all concepts through the Bible and prayer; we are individually responsible to know what we believe and why.

Thank you and may God richly bless you.

Have you ever struggled with your faith?  Have you been concerned with living a righteous life?  Do you sometimes doubt your salvation? This study helps the person who has a deep desire to live a holy life and recognizes that they are incapable of living perfectly.  There is comfort in knowing that God's just declaration stands!  There is also a need to increase in righteousness.  For the person who has difficulty with the wrath of God, this study may help gain a new perspective.  For the person who sees this world is getting out of control, know that the just will live by faith to faith! Ultimately, we are who God says we are.  Praise God! Every believer should test what they hear and read against the Word of God, so I encourage you to grab your bible and examine Scripture for yourself.  You'd be amazed how effective reading it for yourself is! This episode is also available as a blog post: https://desiringfruitfulness.ca/2022/09/30/the-just/
  1. The Just
  2. Hope Again!
  3. Freedom in Surrendering Accurate Accusations
  4. Dress Code in Effect
  5. The Plumbline

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