One of Many Branches on a Fruitful Vine

What’s with a blog dedicated to fruitfulness? Almost sounds too fruity…

Lately I’ve felt so compelled to deepen my life’s journey with God my Father, wanting to know Him more intimately and the more I long to know Him, the more I am drawn into His Holy Scripture. Reading the Bible use to be a checklist item for me. I believed it to be true, the inspired Word of God, and very useful with practical wisdom. What I didn’t fully understand was how effective God’s Word was with communicating with the deepest parts of my spirit. I enjoyed the music aspect or worship, but I didn’t sincerely believe devotion to Scripture was worship. Like many, I enjoyed the emotional connection with music and I still do. Music was originally created by God for His good pleasure.

One day, the Lord helped me understand that the Scriptures/the Bible is a “tamper-proof” or “hack-proof” extra terrestrial message to earth that was designed before human time began and developed into human languages scribed into by 66 books by 40 people spanning across thousands of years by people with various languages, geographic locations, and years between the writings. It is impossible for a human being to have planned and designed such a book that contains one central message using the predictions and fulfillment of human history. Many of the writers did not know or have access to the other books yet when the Bible was compiled into one book, it communicated the same message consistently about a loving God who was Holy, righteous, just, infallible, almighty, benevolent and so desiring of a relationship with His Creation.

In the Old Testament, God lays out His plan and uses prophecies to prove Himself to humans; some of the prophesies were fulfilled within a few days, months, and years, while other took hundreds and thousands to fulfill. The most exciting though are the prophesies about Jesus the Christ/Anointed (Emanuel which means God with us) because with a little study, it becomes clear that it would be impossible to fulfill every prophesy starting from conception of a baby right up to how death without the prophesies and the fulfillment originating from God. The very first prophecy about the Saviour was actually foretold by God in the book of Genesis. Contact me and ask me to prove it. The Old Testament has the New Testament concealed within it; the New Testament contains the Old Testament revealed.

Okay, so what does this have to do with fruit? Well this is the journey I’d like to share with you. It’s about a vineyard that God has been pruning for centenaries, millenniums. We are the branches of His vine and He expects us to produce fruit.

Why should you be interested in reading about desiring and producing fruit?

  • One day, each of us is going to meet God and give account for our lives and He has equipped us with every thing we need.
    • His Word clearly spells out the fruit we are to produce.
    • His Holy Spirit is either talking to us about achieving the right results – or we have dull hearing.
  • Accepting Christ’s death as payment for our sins and believing the God raised Jesus from the dead justifies you so that you may gain entrance into Heaven but how you live your life and the fruit you bear determines how you will experience eternity including rewards, losses, and assignments. We’re talking FOREVER assignments.

All of this is pretty motivating for me yet the most motivational aspect of being fruitful is in the reward of having a growing, deep relationship with the One who knows of every sin I have ever committed or will ever commit and loves me unconditionally. Yes, God loves the world, but He doesn’t have relationships with all people. So most importantly for me, being fruitful builds my relationship with the most important Being in my existence and this relationship is more meaningful to me than any other (spouse, children, grandchildren, siblings, parent, friends…not even myself). No-one and nothing else can fulfill me but my Creator.

So what can you expect?

  • I will share what I’m learning and thinking about, the scriptures that the thoughts are based on, and some songs that express the same thoughts. Perhaps they will help motivate or build you up.
  • The main topic I will be exploring for the next year is worship which will touch on worshiping the way God prescribes and why that’s important. This of course will have many sub-topics for daily application such controlling thoughts and emotions by renewing the mind, etc.
  • It will be a living growing devotional. When all is said and done, I do this for the love of my Saviour and the love of others.

Col 3:17 NKJV – And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.

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OneBranch believes the Word of God is effective for fashioning a heart committed to loving God and loving others. As such, internet content is published with the intention of motivating others to read Scripture for themselves. The content is created from personal devotional/study time in the Word of God and can be viewed as an online journal in the life of one of the branches in the LORD's fruitful vineyard. Readers/listeners are encouraged to validate all Scripture and concepts using the Holy Bible and prayer.